Children’s Ministry

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We offer 4 Sunday School classes for children under 13 years old: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and the Brink.

The whole church family meets together for about half of the Sunday service. Children are typically dismissed for Sunday School before the offering is taken and are then brought back into the service after the sermon.

Matthew 3 to 4 year olds
Mark 5 year olds to 1st graders
Luke 2nd and 3rd graders
Brink 4th graders to 13 years old

Our philosophy is pretty simple: In Matthew, Mark, and Luke we basically teach them Bible Stories, making sure they correctly understand the facts and the events. As they get older, we use these Bible stories to teach character traits and theological truths.

The Brink class is a 3 year program which primarily consists of surveying each of the books of the New Testament (major themes, key passages, book’s structure, background material, etc.). The Brink program also includes some sessions on basic apologetics, theology, and a general survey of the Old Testament.

Once a child turns 13, he is promoted from the Brink to the Youth Group, which meets on Wednesday nights. Teens remain in the entire Sunday service with the adults.

The purpose of our Children’s Ministry is to supplement what parents are (or at least, should be) teaching their kids at home. On the other hand, our time of instruction is deliberate and intentional; it is not designed to simply “babysit” the kids during the morning service.