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Series: Longer and More In-Depth

SERIES   The Book of Proverbs (current series)

SERIES   The Beatitudes

SERIES   Paul’s Letter to Titus

SERIES   What About Animals?

SERIES   Decision Making and the Will of God

SERIES   Unnatural Relations / Homosexuality

SERIES   Bible Difficulties

SERIES   The Epistle of Jude

SERIES   Everlasting Punishment?

SERIES   Prayer, Worship, and Common Myths

SERIES   The Trinity and Love


Series: Shorter (all on one page)

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Understanding Parables

Imprecatory Prayers

What About Genocide in the Old Testament?

Helping the Needy Without Hurting Them

Impact of the Second Great Awakening

The New Atheist: Best Selling Baloney

The Book of Revelation


Individual Sermons

mp3   Adult Children and the Fifth Commandment

mp3   Loving One Another in Conversations (Nate Elkington)

mp3   Handling Difficult Situations in an LGBT-Friendly Culture

mp3   The Atonement

mp3   Redeemed from the Empty Way of Life

mp3   If He Refuses to Listen Even to the Church

mp3   The Dos and Don’ts of Funeral Visitations

mp3   Did Jesus Descend into Hell?

mp3   A Second Look at Spiritual Warfare

mp3   By His Wounds We are Healed

mp3   Why Bother?

mp3   Do Babies Go to Heaven?

mp3   The Implications of Christ’s Resurrection

mp3   Amusing Ourselves to Death

mp3   A Second Look at Spiritual Gifts

mp3   Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?


Church Practice

mp3   What about Tithing?

mp3   Water Baptism (Part 1): Significance, Purpose, Mode, Age, etc.

mp3   Water Baptism (Part 2): Contrasting the 3 main views

mp3   Divorce / Remarriage (Part 1): Moses, Jesus, and Paul

mp3   Divorce / Remarriage (Part 2): Answering Questions

mp3   Wine or Grape Juice? (Part 1): The Problem of Gnosticism

mp3   Wine or Grape Juice? (Part 2): Symbolism, Temperance, and Mr. Welch

mp3   Wine or Grape Juice? (Part 3): Addressing Objections


Treasured Collections

Collection    Pro-life sermons from a variety of speakers

Collection    Sermons from guest speakers (some of whom are quite famous!)

Collection    Personal Reflections from our various members

Collection    Church history teachings

Collection    Sermons from our various members