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The Psalms – Book One (1-41)

Sermons by Wendell Brane

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mp3  Imprecatory Prayers in the Psalms, Part 1

mp3  Imprecatory Prayers in the Psalms, Part 2

mp3  Psalm 1, The Two Ways

mp3  Psalm 2, The Royal Plan

mp3  Psalm 3, Rest in Troubled Times

mp3  Psalm 4, David Warns Israel

mp3  Psalm 5, God’s Righteousness

mp3  Psalm 6, Desperation

mp3  Psalm 7, False Accusations

mp3  Psalm 8, God’s Majesty

Psalm 9, Thanksgiving for God’s Justice

Psalm 10, Prayer to Overthrow the Wicked
Psalm 11, The Lord is our Refuge

Psalm 12, Deception is Everywhere

Psalm 13, Has God Forsaken Me?

Psalm 14, Evil is Everywhere
Psalm 15, Who May Come into God’s Presence?

Psalm 16, God is Deliverer from Death
Psalm 17, A Prayer for Vindication and Protection
Psalm 19, The Glory of God’s Law

Psalm 18, David’s Psalm of Praise and Glory (by Steve Long)

Psalm 20, Israel’s Solidarity with its King