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Assignment schedules for this month and next  GO

Brink Schedule for teachers and parents  GO

Statements of Faith

Apostles’ Creed apostles.pdf
Nicene Creed nicene.pdf
Chalcedon Definition chalcedon.pdf
Athanasian Creed athanasian.pdf
Evangelical Affirmations evangelical.pdf
Chicago Statement of Innerancy chicago.pdf

Applications / Forms

Membership membership.pdf
Members Volunteer Form volunteer.pdf
Baptism baptism.pdf
Teachers: Evangelical Affirmations teacheraffirmations.pdf
Youth Supervision Policies youthsupervision.pdf
Financial Assistance benevolence.pdf

Book Club Homework

Knowing Scripture knowing_scripture.docx
A Short History of the Early Church earlychurch.pdf
Genesis in Space and Time genesis.pdf
Fit Bodies, Fat Minds fitbodies.pdf
The Case for Christianity casechristianity.pdf
Making Sense of the Trinity trinity.pdf
Being Human beinghuman.pdf
Baptism and Fullness of the Holy Spirit holyspirit.pdf

Additional Resources

Membership Handbook handbook_members.pdf
Visitor’s Guide to TEC handbook_introduction.pdf
Evaluation of Hymns and Choruses songs.pdf
Translator’s notes to NIV 2011 update niv2011.pdf
Translator’s notes to ESV 2011 update esv2011.pdf


Examine Yourself?  Lord’s Table lordssupper.pdf
The Case for Church Membership membership.pdf
Alcoholic Beverages? alcohol.pdf
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