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1/21/18UnityNate ElkingtonUnity
1/14/18Church BusinessWendell BraneChurch Business: Anonymity Follow-up, Safety & Security
1/7/18Elder AffirmationWendell BraneElder Affirmations
12/31/17Body LifeVariousPersonal Reflections
12/24/17Why He Came (2)Wendell BraneWhy He Came (2)
12/17/17Why He Came (1)Wendell BraneWhy He Came
12/10/17Satisfied By JesusSteve LongSatisfied by Jesus
12/3/17Proverbs: FriendshipWendell BraneProverbs: Friendships, Part 1
11/26/17Proverbs: 10 PrinciplesWendell BraneProverbs: Ten General Principles
11/19/17Proverbs: EmpathyWendell BraneEach Heart Knows Its Own Bitterness
11/12/17Reformation, Part 2John NelsonThe Reformation, Part 2



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